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Package includes four vinyl leg wraps. These leg wraps are made to fit the older style IKEA Antilop highchair legs. As you can see in the picture, IKEA's older style legs are straight at the top. Around 2018, IKEA started rolling out a newer style leg that has a slight bend (please note: the older style legs were not recalled and are still safe to use). These leg wraps will be about a quarter inch too short on the newer style legs. The installation video shows a modification that can be used if you have the newer style legs, but it does require two sets of leg wraps. This is why we are currently offering these leg wraps for a 50% discount. New leg wraps will be released around the end of October if you want to wait for wraps that provide full coverage on both style legs.

Please check your highchair legs before ordering (sometimes the production date is earlier than the purchase date):

  • Older style IKEA ANTILOP legs measure 28 7/8 inches from top to bottom
  • Newer style IKEA ANTILOP legs measure 29 3/8 inches from top to bottom

Installation (and newer style leg modification tutorial) video

[Huge shout out to our loyal Instagram follower @deannkristine who was the first person we saw use woodgrain contact paper on their highchair legs! We loved this idea and wanted to take it to the next level by carefully matching the woodgrain to our footrest woods and using high quality vinyl which is a lot more forgiving and doesn't bubble as easily as regular contact paper.]


Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle setting. Avoid harsh spot-scrubbing, and use a phosphate-free detergent for longer color life. Tumble dry on a low temperature or permanent press setting.


FDA grade silicone is highly resistant to staining. In order to avoid temporary discoloration, wash immediately after use. To clean, simply rinse with warm soapy water. You can also place in the top rack of the dishwasher, just make sure it isn't too close to the heating element. If you do notice staining, continue using and washing for a few days. Typically the discoloration completely disappears on its own. Please note, fading may occur if silicone is left in direct sunlight over an extended period of time.

Pro Tip: We recommend putting the placemat back on the tray while wet then letting it air dry before the next meal. This trick gives it a little extra stick!


The bamboo footrest can be cleaned with a damp rag or soap and water as needed.

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