Skip Hop Activity Center Transformation

This hack has been all over Instagram, so we thought it would be helpful to put a step-by-step tutorial on our blog! If you need more details, we also have a  YouTube Tutorial!


What You'll Need


    Step 1: Take apart the activity center and remove each leg. Slide the grey piece up and off as well (it may take a little elbow grease!).


    Step 2: Take one leg wrap and peel the backing off about 5 inches. Line up the edge of the leg wrap with top of the activity center leg (where the plastic and metal meet).

    Step 3: Peel the backing off a little at a time, pressing down the leg wrap adhesive as you go. Keep it centered and smooth out any bubbles as you go.


    Step 4: Once you get to the bottom, wrap the adhesive around the leg one side at a time.

    Step 5: Cut the extra off with an exacto knife. The tip of the knife should fit nicely in the groove where the plastic and metal meet.


    Step 6: Put the grey piece back on the leg and re-assemble the activity center. That's it!


    Did you know the Skip Hop activity center can convert to a child's table? If you decide to get the chairs that are sold separately, you can second a second set of leg wraps to wrap them as well!

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