You will need a cushion insert to use our covers. If you already have the IKEA Antilop support cushion, there's no need to get a new one. But if you don't already have a cushion, you can purchase our cushion insert separately. Please note, you only need one cushion insert per highchair, then you can change the cover as often as you like.
Unfortunately we aren't able to do custom items at this time. We buy fabric and sew our covers in large batches to get people their items as quickly and as affordably as possible.
We post all restock updates on Instagram, so be sure to follow us there - @yeahbabygoods. If there is a specific item you are wondering about, feel free to contact us.
Usually it's just oil on the legs that causes the footrest to slip. We recommend pushing the rings way up to the top and then wiping the highchair legs with rubbing alcohol. Let them air dry, then roll the rings down again (natural skin oil may cause slippage, so try to limit contact with the legs as you re-install). If you have an older child or active baby (or just don’t want to worry about keeping the legs clean), our support clamps offer extra stability.
Silicone is highly stain resistant. It may appear stained after using a red or orange sauce, but if you keep using and and washing like normal, it should go away on it’s own. Soaking the placemat in water overnight may speed up the process. You can also soak in hydrogen peroxide or leave the placemat in the sun if needed.
Our covers are 100% natural cotton fabric. The front designs are printed with eco-friendly, wash-safe inks (the back side is a solid grey Kona cotton). We decided not to do a wipeable lamintated cotton simply because we didn’t think it was soft enough for little babies’ sensitive skin. See our IG story highlight called "Washing" to hear real moms talk about our covers’ washability!
Our placemats are made of 100% FDA food grade silicone. As with many silicone products, the vulcanization (hardening) process can create a slight smell. The smell dissipates with time, sometimes taking up to a month. Most silicone products take longer than a month to go from production to consumer, so the smell is gone by the time it is received. However, our placemats sometimes go from production to consumer in about a weeks time. The best way to speed up the process is to heat the placemat in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees for an hour or so.
This is totally a personal preference! When my little ones were in their messiest phase, I had three cushion covers I rotated every 2-3 days. I could have gotten by with one placemat since I rinse immediately after each meal and let the mat air dry on the tray (but I ended up with a few colors because it’s so fun to mix and match!). Multiples would also be helpful if you wash in the dishwasher or you like to throw the mat in the sink after meals and wash later.
We recommend the highchair cushion for all ages! When your babies are little and unsteady, they need it for support. As they grow, the cushion becomes an important tool to keep your child in a proper eating posture (swipe up to watch our video explanation).
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