Our Story

Our firstborn hated every highchair he ever met, until the day he sat in the IKEA Antilop. We were eating in their cafeteria and we couldn’t believe he didn’t scream bloody murder when we put him in. We bought both the chair and the support cushion that day and I don’t think we’ve ever been so happy with a baby product purchase. The design is clean and modern. It’s lightweight and easy to move or take apart. And it works for a range of ages – fitting both our 2 year old and our 4 month old (with the cushion). Best of all, it’s a fraction of the cost compared to other fashion-forward options. As much as we love the IKEA highchair, there are a few flaws. First, we just could not get that tray off! Clean up was annoying since we couldn’t just dump the whole mess in the sink. Secondly, the seat was too big and deep for our little baby to sit properly. We bought the support cushion from IKEA, but I really wanted something that would match our decor since we keep the highchair out all the time. Finally, there was no footrest so our baby would quickly get uncomfortable and lose interest in eating. With these drawbacks in mind, we created our etsy shop in 2016. We made dishwasher safe, FDA food-grade silicone placemats that fit exactly on the tray. We created a line of designer fabric covers for the support cushion. And in 2019, we launched sturdy bamboo footrests that adjust as your baby grows. We imagined we'd reach a tiny percentage of IKEA highchair owners. It never occurred to us that someday people would buy the IKEA highchair just to get our accessories! My husband and I are giddy with excitement about this shop. We hope you love our products as much as we do!

Thank you

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who buys from us, follows us, tags us, and shares about us! Working side-by-side at home with our children is a dream God put in our hearts years ago, and He is using YOU ALL as the vessels to make that dream come true. Every sale is a celebration for us and we are so incredibly thankful!

Meet the Team


Loves ice cream and snuggling sleeping babies (not necessarily in that order). Manages shop, fulfills orders, designs marketing materials and navigates YBG social media.


World's greatest daddy, homeschool teacher, and baby-wearing extraordinaire. Works with YBG suppliers, answers customer messages and handles all financial aspects.


Team Visionary
The boy who sold us on the IKEA highchair in the first place is now 7 years old! Loves legos, reading, and handstands. Gio's an amazing big brother and loves to help any way he can!


Creative Muse
Our first YBG product tester stayed in the highchair till he was 2.5 years old (when little sis bumped him out!). Decker is now a delightful 5 year old. He is the tender-hearted caretaker of our family!


Chief Disrupter
3 years old - primary responsibilities include providing comic relief to the rest of team and enforcing mandatory break time. Also required to say "cheeee" in product photo shoots.


Product Tester
Our newest team member joined us October 2020. In just a few months, she'll step into her duel role of product tester and photoshoot model. Our highchair has been empty too long!


General Godsend
Katie's younger sister and our very first employee! Joy manages order fulfillment and a lot of other odd jobs around YBGs. She's our jack of all trades and we couldn't do this without her!
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