Older Babies Need Highchair Cushions Too

Did you know that highchair cushion support is important for babies of all ages? The IKEA highchair in particular has a super roomy base. Without a support cushion, young babies will either try to sit close to the tray and miss out on back support, or they will sit far back and no longer have their knees bent at 90 degrees at the edge of the seat.

Older babes might take advantage of the extra space to pull up their knees or put their feet on the tray. This can lead to a distracted eating experience, which increases choking risk.

You might be thinking, “But my baby is too big to fit with the cushion now.” Here are two suggestions:

1) Deflate the cushion a little so it takes up less space. You can take air out of the sides and/or the back.

2) Try our older baby hack which completely removes the sides. This gives plenty of room in the leg holes, but still makes sure your baby keeps his or her hips and knees safely positioned in 90 degree angles.



1) Why Cushions Are Important for Proper Positioning

2) Cushion Cover Hack for Older Babies

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