Highchair Cushion Covers

119 products
Highchair cushions that help achieve a supportive feeding position. Stylish covers designed to fit your home decor.
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Highchair Placemats

19 products
The original FDA food-grade silicone placemat fits perfectly inside the IKEA highchair tray and makes clean up a breeze.
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Highchair Footrests

5 products
Foot support that lets your baby focus on fine motor skills like as grasping and swallowing.⁣ Less squirming, less fussing, and more interest in eating.
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Highchair Leg Wraps

8 products
Pre-cut, high-quality vinyl strips that adhere to your highchair legs for a truly customized look.
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All Eating Accessories

15 products
Everything you need to mealtime smoother, including reusable silicone table placemats and food scissors to quickly cut bite sized pieces
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