Terracotta Vegan Leather Cover

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These vegan leather covers are gooooooooooood. Is there like a scratch and sniff feature you can add to the website, but for touch? They are so soft and are even better in person than I imagined!

When I tell you I am OBSESSED with these covers…it’s all I use. Clean up is so easy I could cry.

The vegan leather covers are SO GOOD! My whole YBG highchair set up is so fast and easy to clean up which is what I dreaded about my first highchair.

Reasons to buy

Safe Positioning

Provides support for baby's back and hips and keeps baby is a safe feeding position.

Less Gap

Baby sits closer to tray so they can easily reach food (and get less in their lap!).


Easy-to-clean, just wipe after meals.

as seen on @yeahbabygoods

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