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Support Clamps for the IKEA Antilop Highchair Footrest (Set of 2)

$2.00 USD

Our footrests come with black o-rings that hold the footrest in place. Over time, the footrest might start to slip if spills or natural oils get on the legs. Occasionally cleaning the legs with rubbing alcohol helps keep the o-rings secure, but we know busy parents don't always have time to do a wipe down! We designed these white clamps to fasten over the black o-rings and prevent all slippage! They also give more stability for older and more active children. Support clamps are only needed for under the footrest and are not necessary above the footrest. Clamps must be used in conjunction with the o-rings that are included with every footrest.  

Safety Warning: Please keep unused o-ring clamps out of reach of children. The small rings are not a toy and could be a choking hazard.

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