Extra Footrest Support Clamps (SET OF 2)

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Note: All new footrests come with a set of support clamps. You only need to buy these if you want an additional set.

These support clamps are specifically designed for our patented adjustable footrest. The rubber interior grips to the highchair leg to reduce slippage.

Installation: Use two hands to close the clamp by holding the clamp together with one hand and fastening the closure with the other hand. A tight fit is necessary to securely hold the footrest in place. Support clamps are only needed for under the footrest and are not necessary above the footrest. 

Safety Warning: Please keep unused clamps out of reach of children. The small rings are not a toy and could be a choking hazard.

Extra Footrest Support Clamps (SET OF 2)

Extra Footrest Support Clamps (SET OF 2)

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