Leg Wraps - Walnut

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Leg Wraps - Walnut

Leg Wraps - Walnut

Upgrade your IKEA highchair legs for a more custom look! Includes four pre-cut strips with adhesive backing for easy installation.

INSTALLATION: IKEA highchair legs are not all the same length. For this reason, we recommend starting at the bottom of the leg and working your way up. It is possible to install the leg wraps with the legs still attached to the highchair, but we find it easier to take the legs off the highchair first, as shown in this installation video.

Please note, our leg wraps are made of a vinyl material with consistent coloring, whereas our footrests are made from real wood in which the hue, saturation and darkness varies. We designed our leg wraps to match the most common color tones of each wood type, but they may not be an exact match with every footrest.

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Why Leg Wraps?



Looks like a high-end highchair without breaking the bank



Pre-cut strips so you don't have to measure or cut



High-quality vinyl doesn't bubble or tear as easily as contact paper

The leg wraps and footrest make the highchair look so high end and less plastic-y! The leg wraps were a breeze to put on and instantly made this $20 highchair look complete!

The precut strips took all the anxiety and nerves out of trying to size contact paper!

We LOVE the wraps! My husband could hardly believe it was the same chair! We are telling all our friends about y'all!"

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