Pleasant Farm - Vegan Leather Cover

Pleasant Farm - Vegan Leather Cover

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Pleasant Farm - Vegan Leather Cover

Pleasant Farm - Vegan Leather Cover

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Give your baby comfort and support in the cutest way possible! Our cushions help achieve a safe and supportive position for your baby, scoot baby closer to the tray and adjust as your baby grows. The cushion can also be used in restaurant highchairs, baby swings, shopping carts, activity centers and anywhere else your baby needs extra support. Interchangeable covers keep your cushion looking stylish!

This cover can be used with our cushion insert or the IKEA Antilop support cushion (insert sold separately).

  • Wipeable, soft vegan leather
  • Patterns designed by indie artists who directly benefit from each sale
  • Zipper closure
  • See our care instructions page for how to clean

Our vegan leather has been independently tested and certified as free of lead, phthalates and other toxins.

Elizabeth Ivie, @ivieclothco
Elizabeth lives on Mobile Bay with her husband and their three boys and one (boy!) dog. She started designing patterns in 2011 for her own small business, The Little Ivie Cloth Company, which makes baby blankets and loveys. Elizabeth specializes in simple, geometric styles, linen textures, and lots of color. When she’s not designing, she loves reading long books, riding bikes with her boys, or taking a walk along the water.

As Seen On @yeahbabygoods

Why Vegan Leather Cushions?



Provides support for baby's back and hips and keeps baby in a safe feeding position



Baby sits closer to tray so they can easily reach food (and get less food in their lap!)



Front and back are the same wipeable vegan leather so you can use either side

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Having so much baby stuff, I love when it actually goes with decor instead of making our house look like a daycare!

My twins are 8 months now, and the cushions have helped them become more sturdy and focused on eating. Before the cushions, they moved around a lot and one twin always stuck her leg up on the tray!

These vegan leather covers are gooooooooooood. Is there like a scratch and sniff feature you can add to the website, but for touch? They are so soft and are even better in person than I imagined!

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