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Tranquil Blue IKEA Highchair Placemat

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As Seen On @yeahbabygoods

You know it's good when your husband points out, 'Man, this was a great purchase.' Makes clean up so much easier since the IKEA tray is so hard to remove.

BUY THIS PLACEMAT! I literally say to myself at least twice a day, 'Man I love this thing.' Honestly best invention ever!

I bought the cushion cover first and didn't buy the placemat because I thought, 'Eehh, I don't really need that.' Do yourself a favor, buy the placemat. It's amazing. It makes messes a MILLION times easier to clean!

Why Placemats?

Easy Clean Up

Quick and easy clean up without having to remove the highchair tray.

Safety Tested

Unlike plastic or lower-grade silicones, food-grade silicone contains no lead, phthalates, BPAs or other harsh chemicals

Less Slip

Slip-resistant silicone makes it easier for fingers to pick up food.

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