Birch Adjustable Highchair Footrest

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Birch Adjustable Highchair Footrest

Birch Adjustable Highchair Footrest

Our patented adjustable highchair footrests provide an option for people who love the inexpensive and minimal IKEA highchair, but also want to give their babies the foot support they need. Like all our highchair accessories, it was designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind.

  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Adjust as your baby grows - no tools needed
  • Sloped cut-outs on the underside of the footrest hide the support clamps and allow the footrest to sit at a 90-degree angle to the seat base.
  • Quick and simple installation

WARNING: Foot support is important for safe feeding posture. However, footrests inherently make it easier for children to push themselves up and out of the seat. Therefore, the footrest should be used with the child’s safety harness fastened tight. Do not leave your child unattended in the highchair.

Wood naturally varies in hue, saturation and darkness; therefore, these same variances may occur in our footrests. For this reason, some footrests might not be an exact match with our vinyl leg wraps. Footrests may also have a seam where the color and grain vary.

U.S. Patent No. D964,759

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Why Footrests?



Dangling feet can lead to fussing, shorter meal times, and a lack of interest in eating



Stable babies can focus on fine motor skills like picking up food, chewing and swallowing



Foot support and trunk stability help facilitate a safe swallow

I am in TEARS!! We have been struggling with solids for a few months now. Our daughter was never super engaged or excited about eating. THIS FOOTREST IS A GAME CHANGER! She devoured her food tonight, I had to give her MORE food. My husband and I honestly couldn’t believe our eyes.

My baby is 9 months old and has refused to eat ANYTHING that's touched her mouth up till today. With the footrest, she ate an ENTIRE meal!!! I believe 100% it was from being stabilized with her footrest.

Our girl didn't eat much, constantly swinging her feet or rocking in her high chair. The footrest has made SUCH a difference in her eating and makes mealtimes so much more relaxing for all of us.

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